Wojciech Kokorzycki
DevSecOps Engineer
  • Why am I interested in future? I believe in this romantic idea that tech and science can change the world. I am good with both people and tech. That’s why I look forward to the future and things I could work on and get involved into. Whether my own side projects which I slowly build up, joining someone as co-founder or a small angel investment.
  • What is my work experience? 5 years in IT. DevSecOps, Fullstack Dev and Biz Dev roles in small startups, scaleups and big international corporations. 7 years of NGOs work experience in the Tricity ecosystem connected with IT industry and startups, active in NGOs associations focused on promoting entrepreneurship and the free market. I also started the Hackerspace Tricity community.
  • What is my biggest success? I would say a very fast tracked well planned career is a one, the second one is being able to make most of the crazy stuff I came up with into reality so far. From conferences/meetups up to renting a big warehouse with some friends and starting a Hackerspace Tricity.
  • What is the area of my most recent development? My last few roles were a cybersecurity scale-up Callsign, providing fraud detection, authorization, authentication solutions for big international banks. I also recently worked at Mastercard working on “NextGen IPS project - next generation immediate payment system, classified as critical national infrastructure” which was an immediate payment system for central banks across the world. At the moment I am an independent contractor working for British Telecom. I recently started to work and hire to develop my own projects on the side. I also started to consult individuals and startups in need of a very technical guy who also gets people/business side.
  • Where we can meet? London, UK. Send me an email if you are nearby. We can also schedule a call online.