Jakub Gnyp
  • Why am I interested in future? Historia magistra vitae est. I am not interested in the future. I care about the present and the past. First, one needs data to project the future with some probability, given the right model.
  • What is my work experience? What you need to know right now is I started working simultaneously with learning already in high-school. I tend to have a few things combined in process. You can find the details on LinkedIn.
  • What is my biggest success? Reviving Poland Business Week Association for two years. We organized over 60 camps, workshops, and meetings for youth to develop their soft skills and to create an entrepreneurial community of support.
  • What is the area of my most recent development? Recently have I focused on quality management in compliance with ISO 9001 and 17025 - especially risk management, continuous improvement, and complaints processes and procedures. Now I am going back to data science.
  • Where can we meet? Online; Alt Cafe, TGZ and Minga in Gdynia; Atelier or Wedel in Sopot; at the University of Gdańsk or, occasionally, in Cracow.